Cemeteries #52Ancestors Challenge

Quit Claim Deed July 6 1934Temple Cemetery Quit Claim Deed, Fulton County, IL

Some people go to yoga class to meditate, relax and gain some inner perspective.  My farmer husband often goes to the field or pasture to consider weighty issues.  I, however, am the strange one in the family.  I go to the cemetery.

Ask my children what they remember about summers and they will most likely tell you showing cattle, helping on the farm and when they were little, going with mom to the cemetery to discover and write down things.  It’s true!  They had no choice but to come along.


I also enjoy visiting bookstores and libraries.  Cemeteries, to me, have a similarity to bookstores and libraries.  The latter two hold volumes of interesting stories.  Some are romance or mystery stories.  Other books in the library or bookstore are references that help you gain perspective on historical events.  Cemeteries are much like libraries, but the volumes are the life histories of the people buried there.

At first glance, a cemetery looks very barren, cold and sad.  A closer look shows the life stories of people who were born, married and died in the area.  Their tombstones often list their children.  New tombstones even have laser-engraved photos of the deceased.

I like to sit and “listen” to those buried in a cemetery.  I read their tombstones, pay attention to those buried in the same plot and decipher their family connections.  There is often loss of a child at a young age, or a woman widowed too soon.  Blessings of large families dot the rolling prairie in places telling of a strong family who persevered.  Their stories inspire me.  I often dig deeper to learn more about what their lives were like.

In the small town I work in, I’m pretty sure there are more individuals buried in the cemetery than there are people living in the town.  There are many people yet to discover; many individuals to “listen” to, and stories of triumphs yet to tell.  The quiet visit to a cemetery puts my life in perspective and gives me the energy to carry on.


One thought on “Cemeteries #52Ancestors Challenge


    Here rests his head upon the lap of Earth

    A Youth to Fortune and to Fame unknown.

    Fair Science frown’d not on his humble birth,

    And Melancholy mark’d him for her own.

    Large was his bounty, and his soul sincere,

    Heav’n did a recompense as largely send:

    He gave to Mis’ry all he had, a tear,

    He gain’d from Heav’n (’twas all he wish’d) a friend.

    No farther seek his merits to disclose,

    Or draw his frailties from their dread abode,

    (There they alike in trembling hope repose,)

    The bosom of his Father and his God.


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