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Bio: Everything and everyone has a valuable story to tell. I put clothes on the tombstones and share the stories of the real people who were here before. I'm a longtime genealogist currently working on several Revolutionary War lines and early American settlers. I currently serve on the Temple Cemetery Board, Fulton County, Illinois as well as the Industry Township Cemetery Board, McDonough County, Illinois. I'm a member of Fulton County, McDonough County and Peoria County, Illinois Genealogical Societies and I serve on the Easley Museum Board of Ipava, IL. That's a lot of history to share!

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  1. Hello, I am searching for information about LEVI SALMANS. I have an old Bible that belonged to Levi Salmans. If you know anything about him, or anything about the family, I would like to reach them. Thank you.


  2. Hello! My name is Alisa Clanin. I got here by googling “Benjamin Clanin” and “HMS Jersey.” I’ve done a little bit on ancestry.com and had come across the information regarding Benjamin Clanin. I come from a long line of Indiana Clanins. Thanks for the great article!


  3. Hi. Stumbled across your page looking up info on Benjamin Clanin. He is my 6th GGfather. I’ve been trying to figure out how he ended up on the Jersey for a while. If you’ve found any info I’d love to read it. Looking at your page and location we must be cousins. Fun researching all this.


    • Scott, here is a note I have in my research about how Benjamin ended up on the Jersey. It is speculation at this point. I have read hundreds of pages of Newburyport, MA town meeting minutes available on Ancestry to see if I can find any more clues. I worked this up with the timeline of when his children where born, when he married Deborah Sinecross, and everything else.

      May have been aboard the Hannibal as a privateer with Jeremiah O’Brien in Oct 1780 which was subsequently captured in NY waters and taken to Wallabout Harbor, NY. The Hannibal outfitted in Newburyport in April 1780 and through the summer and early fall.


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